Nukes, world war, Dr. Strangelove and global showdown – Where’s Slim Pickins when you need him?

So the end-game plan for the US/NATO/EU alliance and the Western oligarchs and plutocratic elite who control it, in their bid to consolidate their present and highly precarious global dominance, seems to be, after encircling Russia and China with military bases and nuclear missiles, to eliminate Russia’s first strike response capability – which means, in particular, launching nuclear missiles from close range into Russia (say, from a newly acquired Ukraine, among other US/NATO/EU bases already circling Russia) to destroy their nuclear arsenal, leaving the US/NATO/EU alliance and the Western corporate elite who rule it, as the unrivaled and unchallengeable super-power and ruling global empire of the world. And all it would take would be a willingness to wipe out a hundred and forty-five million Russians and most of the Eurasian continent, and make the entire Northern Hemisphere of the globe uninhabitable for the next 100,000 years.

Brilliant! Sounds like something straight out of Dr. Strangelove. I think Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Cheney must have thought this up. I’d say John McCain, but I’m not sure that guy can even tie his own shoes.

No wonder I have trouble seeping at night.

I have to watch Dr. Strangelove again, and work hard for peace, while praying that we end this reign of empires and all its madness, before it puts an end to us.

March 7, 2014


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