Strong winds, big waves, and the interconnectedness of life


When the waves are high, from my backyard I can hear the lake, which is just a few hundred feet away. It sounds like a great, strong wind, or a freight train in the distance – or a tornado. The strange thing is, the sound of the waves does not always coincide with the wind outside my door. Today there is almost no wind, but the sound of the waves is as strong as ever. Yesterday too, sitting by the lake, the waves rolled in, but the air was still. It makes me think, how long do the ripples of our actions and words, or even our thoughts, proceed before us and behind us, long after the fact? That should make us want to be highly conscious of what we say or do, or even think.


It also makes me think, there may be strong winds or a storm happening in the United States, just eighty miles across the lake from me, while here it is calm. Nevertheless, the waves of that great storm in the US will inevitably come crashing against the shores of my fair and peaceful Canada, whether I like it or not. The world is smaller and much more closely connected than we think. This is worrisome, to say the least, considering the state of things in America today.

J. Todd Ring,
November 6, 2013


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