Obamacare and the magic of PR


While politicians and pundits alike inside the beltway beat up the White House over computer system glitches, health insurance companies still project robust revenue growth and profits from a boom in business from newly insured Americans under the Affordable Care Act.


My response:

Obamacare will benefit big business in the for-profit private US health care industry – it is of dubious benefit to the American people, and a far cry from the Canadian or European style universal public health care system which over 80% of Americans have wanted for decades, and which costs half as much as the for-profit American system.

IN short, Obamacare is a scam – a piece of ginger bread designed to distract the people from the fact that they are still getting screwed by big business at every turn, including when it comes to their health, and the government is aiding and abbeting the financial terrorists, and protecting them by bringing in this health reform which is far from what the people want, or what would be just, sensible, or even cost-effective. Hooray for the magic of PR.

Now, consider these things in the context of this. The independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is arguably the most respectable member of the US government, and one of the few honest politicians in Washington – and he has 300,000 people who like him on facebook, while 58 million like Will Smith. The American people are not paying attention. They are tuned into to TV and tuned out from politics and the big issues affecting their country and their lives.

When the people are distracted and their minds are absorbed in trivia, it is not surprising that the country is in ruins and corruption rules the land.

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