US government shutdown drives people against Republicans and into the arms of Obama and the Democrats

Reportedly, Americans are blaming the Republicans for the government shutdown, which most of them do not like. This plays well for the Obama government and the Democratic Party. It has been a successful PR campaign so far, it would appear.

The Democrats are looking good in the eyes of the people, in comparison to the Republicans. This, I would say, was the reason for the shutdown. Both parties are run by the same corporate elite: it’s a charade: political theater meant to distract the people from the real issue, which is, who runs the country – Wall Street or the people?

And it is a method to make Obama and the Democratic Party look like a necessary evil, if not the saviours of the nation, when their credibility was severely crumbling.

“See, we HAVE to support Obama and the Democrats – even though they keep expanding wars overseas, keep supporting fracking, the Keystone Pipeline and the war on nature, keep stripping us of our rights, keep building up a police state and destroying the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our freedom and our civil liberties… because, well, the Republicans are just terrible!”

Well, is a pack of war-mongering, murderous liars who are driving us into war, ecological disaster and fascism not terrible in the extreme as well? Neither party is supportable by anyone of sound mind or good conscience. They are big business party A, and big business party B. Both are fascist, both are war-mongers, both work for the ruling class of billionaires and bankers.

It’s a shell game. Bread and circuses – heavy on the circuses, and increasingly light on the bread.

We will see real hope and real change when the people stop playing into this game of political theatre, stop supporting either wing of the American party for corporate rule, and start taking their power back – and not before.

J. Todd Ring,
October 8, 2013

(See my recent essays on the subject, including The Politics of Illusion, for further details and analysis: Writings of J. Todd Ring, on WordPress – also posted on twitter, facebook and tumblr, and several blog aggregators.)

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