Fukushima still spreading deadly radiation across northern hemisphere: one food can help protect you

Seaweed is a true super-food, high in essential nutrients, low carb, low calorie, and also, naturally high in iodine – and it helps protects the body from radiation. It is a staple in Japan and many other maritime regions. Considering the rising levels of radiation across North America due to the Fukushima disaster, we had all best acquire a taste for seaweed now.

Polar bears in Alaska are being found with skin lesions, and their hair is falling out, from radiation poisoning, from eating fish from the Pacific. Fish caught off the West coast of the US and Canada are being found to have high levels of radiation, and are showing skin lesions and tumours. In a sampling of herring caught off the Pacific coast of Canada, every single one of them was found to have tumours, skin lesions, or were bleeding through their eyeballs. And of course, not only is Pacific seafood contaminated now, but so too our air, across North America. The wind does blow, as we know, and it is predominantly from the West, on this continent. We are all sucking in deadly radiation now, with every breath.

And ingesting or breathing in radioactive particles is not like ingesting other toxins, like we do routinely with smog and pesticides, which are deadly enough. The radioactive debris that is spreading globally from the Fukushima disaster is deadly even in the tiniest, most microscopic trace amounts. It is particularly dangerous to the thyroid and testicles, and also leads to mutations and birth defects, as well as cancer and thyroid disease.

So eat your sea vegetables, and stop eating anything that comes from the Pacific ocean or Japan.

Here is a short article on one source of seaweed – which I just discovered as well, and which my kids and I find delicious. (It’s also extremely cheap.) We eat it like people eat potato chips – like they eat it on the East coast of Canada: as a delicious snack


There is also a green drink (like Greens+ which is also excellent) that is made from sea vegetables. It tastes like medicine to me, but I drink it down anyway. Probably if you put it in a smoothie with fruit – or better, mix it in with fresh veggie juice – it would look weirdly green, but it would taste just fine; but I haven’t tried that yet.

There is also sushi, which has seaweed; but I’d stay away from fish now, after Fukushima. Stick to the vegan sushi or nori rolls. And there are types of sea vegetables that are good in soups or stews, or even salads. Try a Japanese wakame seaweed salad – I think it’s delicious, and it feels like an elixir to my body; it makes me feel so good. Wakame is also good in soups and stews. Miso soup with seaweed and tofu is another great source.

However you do it, eat your greens and veggies people! Especially your sea greens and sea veggies now.

J. Todd Ring,
October 8, 2013

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