The slide to the extreme right by the Republican and Democratic parties

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The two parties of corporate rule are both heading in essentially the same direction, but quibble only over the timelines for implementation of their mutually shared agenda: which at its core is, namely, 1) to dismantle democracy and install a police state so the corporate elite who fund and control both parties and  who now effectively rule the world, can consolidate their power before they lose it through popular rebellion; 2) to destroy any and all protection for the 99.99% of the people who are not among the ruling elite, so that they will be utterly dependent upon their masters and utterly desperate, and will work for as little pay as possible, thus slashing costs and increasing profits and wealth for the elite few, at the expense of the rest; and thirdly, to maintain and expand the military-industrial-security complex for the protection and advancement of elite corporate interests of rape and pillage practices world-wide.

Both parties have slid to the far right, and both are wholly owned subsidiaries of the corporate state. Both parties are pro-war, pro-empire, pro-military-industrial-security complex, pro-Wall Street, and very much in support of the creation of a police state and the demolition of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, civil liberties, freedom and democracy, for the simple reason that all of these things are in the interests of their corporate masters.

The quarrelling is for show, people. They are simply different factions of the same thoroughly corrupt crony class of political prostitutes, both of whom work for the same corporate elite. Of course, there are factions within the corporate elite as well, and they do have significant disagreements on some issues, but on the broad agenda, which I have just outlined, they are in full and complete agreement.

The partisan politics go on, as if it really has any relationship to reality at all – it doesn’t. Obama has carried on the Bush/Cheney neo-conservative agenda, and has taken it even further – the central elements being imperial warfare abroad, and a police state at home, both policies designed of course to further secure the interests of the ruling corporate elite – which makes Obama further to the right than his already extreme right wing predecessors; propaganda and PR manipulations aside.

As John Dewey said, “Politics are the shadow cast by business.” And as Chomsky said in response, if you want real change, you don’t focus all of your efforts on the shadow – you have to address the real powers. And that will require more than screaming about how bad the Republicans are, or how bad the Democrats are, or continuing to be mired in the politics of illusion. It means taking on Wall Street and the corporate state, which are the real powers now, the dominant powers of our age, just as the aristocracy and the monarchy were the dominant forms of social power, empire and tyranny two hundred years ago.

We cannot afford to be the Neville Chamberlains of our time. It is time to stand and fight.

The venerable Senator from Vermont, Independent Bernie Sanders, is a smart man, as well as a highly principled man, and he undoubtedly understands these realties fully well. He and a handful of other honest politicians are fighting a valiant, but rearguard action to defend the people and the programs that benefit them from the accelerating and ever intensifying assault of the corporate powers upon the people and on democracy. While such rearguard actions are vitally necessary and important, they are not sufficient in themselves.

We must admit that we are fighting an advancing wild fire with little more than a garden sprinkler, and we are constantly retreating, losing ground, and running backwards as fast as we can. If we persist in focusing primarily on such rearguard actions, the corporate coup will succeed, and we will be thrust into a dark age of technocratic neo-feudalism, under the boot heals of a full-fledged corporate fascism. We must get to the heart of the matter. We must unseat and remove from power the corporate oligarchs who have stolen our democracy, and who seek to become the new Caesars, Tsars or pharaohs, and the unchallenged rulers of the world.

These are the central facts of American politics today, as well as politics in virtually every country on earth – and it will remain so, until the people stand up and make it otherwise.

J. Todd Ring,
October 3, 2013

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