Stop calling it a “shutdown” – it’s not, it’s business as usual

(See the article by Brian Anderson on Motherboard, mentioned below – it is excellent, as well as blisteringly funny.)

You can’t really say something is shut down when it wasn’t functioning to begin with, Motherboard’s Brian Anderson only half jokingly says, and of course, he is right.

(Kudos to him for a scathingly funny and highly intelligent article, which I would urge everyone to read. See, “Stop calling it a shutdown.”)

The US government has been fucked for a long time – to put it bluntly. Shutdown implies it was working before, and now it isn’t. Well, it wasn’t. It’s been fucked, and the average American has been fucked over, for decades, if not a great deal longer. This is just another level of fucked-upness – we’re reaching new heights and setting new standards all the time! This is FUBAR, Stage Two.

Someday soon, the American people will say, Enough!” Then things will get really exciting. Until then, it’s just more business as usual for Washington: screw the little guy, and rob the people to enrich the richest few.

J. Todd Ring, October 2, 2013

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