Government shutdown, and other fairy tales and examples of political theatre – take two

What then, is really going on here with this grand charade in Washington?

Here’s my take.

Obama was installed by the ruling elite from Wall Street and the highest circles of the Western corporate plutocrats, in order to extend the shelf life of their empire, to put a smiley face on the corporatocracy that is destroying the planet, wreaking misery for billions and consciously and deliberately destroying freedom and democracy in yet another of history’s examples of infantile grandiosity, unrestrained greed and bids for world domination.

Obama was installed by the ruling super-rich in order to buy the plutocrats and corporate criminals some more time to set up the police state and the global gulag system, before the insurrection and the revolution begin in earnest, when the people have finally had enough.

The job of the Republican Party is to make Obama and the Democrats (sic) look good. People were losing faith in Obama, and both major parties, so the volume had to be turned up on the WWF scripted wrestling match between the two wings of the corporate party of America.

Again, the facts of their actions speak for themselves, as does the money trail: the Republicans work for the same people as the Democrats, and have essentially the same agenda, in broad strokes: imperial warfare forever, so the global looting will never have to cease; and a police state at home, to keep the rabble in line – both of which are considered necessary and vital to the interests of the puppet masters who are the super-rich ruling class.

Look at what Obama has done. He has carried the torch of the extreme right, under the banner of the Democratic Party, while posing as a populist, liberal progressive – which his handlers and masters must find hysterically funny, and endlessly amusing, I’m sure.

Obama has proven his loyalty to Wall Street and the global financial and corporate elite above all other concerns, beyond any shadow of a doubt. He is continuing the ever-accelerating and intensifying class warfare, which is being waged upon the 99.99% of the people, by and for and on behalf of the 0.01% who own and control the country as well as both major parties, and by now, most of the world.

Look, he gave enormous sums of money to the banking elite, and continues to do so, and took action to protect them from ever going to jail for their crimes; then he tells the American people help is coming, when the help never materializes. Don’t judge him by his sound bites – judge him by his actions. He could have bailed out Main Street – he chose instead, unsurprisingly, to bail out Wall Street: and I say unsurprisingly, because these are the people who funded his election and put him in power.

(I would say that Obama is the equivalent of the Chancellor in Star Wars, I think he was called, who pretended to be protecting the people but who is revealed later to be an imposter, and a Sith Master – but that would be to give Obama far too much credit. He’s just a wiling pawn, and nothing more than that. But he is a fascist pawn, and a willing tool of imperial warfare, and that makes him extremely dangerous. These drones are real my friends, and death from above can be rained down by this newest of Chancellors. He just has to put you on his weekly kill list, and poof, you’re gone. It is true, my friends – frightening, sad, but true. But to return to the more mundane, and less colourful approach to political analysis….)

The first rule of any criminal investigation: follow the money. Obama is owned by Wall Street, and he serves his masters well. He is a well-paid prostitute, nothing more. Pity him if you will, but throw him from power. Now.

Obama is carrying on where the Bush/Cheney cabal left off: he has continued, and expanded the imperial wars abroad in the name of oil and other corporate profits; he’s continued to shred the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, civil liberties, freedom and democracy; and he has further built up the global surveillance and police state. By these actions, we must admit that he is guilty of war crimes, mass murder, severe and growing human rights violations, the undermining of freedom, democracy and the Constitution – and by any meaningful use of the term, he must be called, not only a president of, by and for the global corporate empire, but, quite frankly and quite literally, a fascist.

Some people will say, yes, but the Republicans would be even worse. That’s like saying you’d rather have Genghis Kahn as president, rather than Stalin or Mussolini – such logic is positively insane. Obama is a war-mongering, murderous fascist – period. He cannot be supported by anyone of sound mind and good conscience.


But the PR industry does its little dance, the media presstitutes play their role, and the political whores in high office play theirs – and a thin enough minority of the people are suckered in by it, so that the game can continue, and the rape and pillage policies of the super-rich can carry on unhindered by the masses getting uppity – at least for a little longer.

Obama wasn’t looking good enough, his mask – er, rather, his image – was beginning to slip, and public anger was mounting; so the Republicans had to play their part as the crazy cousins who you wouldn’t necessarily want to have over for dinner, much less run the country, all so that Obama and the Democrats can be viewed as a necessary evil, or maybe even as the saviours of the people.

“See, the Republicans are wacko! We absolutely have to support Obama and the Republicrats – um, I mean… the Democrats.”

That’s the game plan, as I see it, and it seems to be working. But, the American people are not stupid, contrary to the opinion of many, and the majority were already disgusted by both major parties before this little charade, so the ruse will not work for long. The gig is almost up.


The Republican and Democratic Parties have found the compromise they wanted: they get the stripping down of social and environmental programs, while the corporate empire and its state funding and state protection remain intact.

This was the central agenda of the neoconservatives under the Bush/Cheney regime, and it is the is the same agenda under the neoliberals, with Obama as the figurehead and spokesperson/puppet of the hour. It is the agenda of the ruling class. They are getting exactly what they wanted.

The Republicans would like to go further, faster, in the drive toward a bare bones neo-Dickensian police state run by and for the corporate elite, but both parties are on exactly the same track – the one that has been laid down by their billionaire masters.

So, the government hasn’t been “shutdown” – not at all. The “essential” functions continue: war, corporate bailouts, massive funding for the big banks and the financial elite by way of Fed “stimulus” programs, and continued trillion dollar a year for the military-industrial-security and surveillance complex and the police state apparatus, along with the giant subsidies for big business more broadly.

These are considered the essential functions of the government and the state, and they can’t be touched, or even talked about: fund the super-rich, protect the super-rich, help the super-rich prey upon the poor and the middle class, and even the merely affluent, and make sure the people never unite or rise up to put an end to the severe injustice and the systematic pillaging of the nation and the world. This is considered essential.

The “non-essential” functions of government are anything that helps the other 99.99%. Theses things can be dismantled and torn to shreds – like old age security, pensions, food inspection and other health and safety protections for the public, programs that help children and the poor, environmental regulations, or the Constitution and civil liberties. The rulers don’t like theses things.

And that is what is happening. What the corporate elite view as essential, is being preserved and enhanced – like the police state and the war machine, the giant corporate subsidies and the wealth transfers from the people to the richest few, by way of the Treasury and the Fed. Anything that benefits anyone else is being systematically destroyed.

See, everything is just rosy – for the ruling elite, that is; the people be damned.


What we are witnessing is the further take-over of government, the democratic process, the economy and society by the reigning corporate powers, the further evisceration of democracy, the further roll-back of all gains made by the people over the past two hundred years, and more, over the past 800 years, since the Magna Charta, which now has been scrapped; the further third-worlization of the formerly wealthy nations, and the further drive towards a technocratic neo-feudalism, run by and for the new overlords, the international business elite – and not just in the United States, but globally.

The question is, what are we going to do about it?

Rise up people. It is time.

Time for revolution and renaissance.

(From the forth-coming book, Enlightened Democracy: Visions for A New Millennium. Watch for it on Amazon this month.)

J. Todd Ring,

October 2, 2013

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