Get a diaper – `cause you’re gonna wet yourself over this…and other marketing hype and assorted drivel

The amazing, fantastic, hyper-good stuff we have for you today, oh my God!! You better get a diaper, or at least a towel, `cause you’re just gonna wet your pants when you see THIS!!!!!
(Brought to you by your corporate masters and a slick and sleazy marketing industry that knows no shame)

I just saw another ad that uses the usual super-overblown, almost maniacal hyperbole. You would think the advertising and marketing industry and the entire corporate world would have gotten the picture by now: we are sick and tired of your hype and your falsehoods, your enema-requiring glut of mad superlatives and orgiastic gushing over your usually shoddy and low-grade products. Calm the fuck down, I want to say, and just present your product honestly, and without the hype. Is it good? Then say so – even say so with enthusiasm; but don’t try to tell us its going to transform our lives or give us the best orgasm we’ve ever had, or wax our car while polishing our shoes and cutting our grass and taking care of the kids so we can go out for dinner……Please. A little more calm honesty and straight-forwardness in marketing, please. But no! This latest product is “amazing”! And what is it? It’s just another gadget.

Gadgets do not rise to the level of “amazing” – democracy yes, freedom yes, justice yes…..gadgets? No. The marketing industry, as with the corporate world generally, has gone completely mad. Time to turn off the tv and mentally screen out the ads anywhere else they appear. Enough is enough.

September 16, 2011

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