Built to crash: the coming economic tsunami

`Would you rather have a perfectly efficient system that, if hit by a pebble, would shatter? Or, would you rather have an adaptable system that may not give you the exact output you want, but can handle anything?  According to Barry Lynn of the New America Foundation, our economy and our entire domestic food supply are being set up to be shattered.`

Lynn`s work is truly a must-read…. Monopoly capitalism is a system built to crash. Wonderful to hear a lucid mind cut through the crap, even if the news is troubling. Build local economic self-reliance now if you are wise – the monopolists won`t let up until we have a collapse: and the comibination of a self-created and escalating ecological crisis with this extremely fragile monopolistic global economic system, pretty much guarantees a collapse is coming.

China Controls Our Food Supply: Barry Lynn on Radio Free Dylan | Dylan Ratigan


June 7, 2011

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8 Responses to “Built to crash: the coming economic tsunami”

  1. jtoddring Says:

    You would think that 400 years of experience with monopolistic corporate powers would be enough to drive the lesson home – the Dutch East India Company was established in 1602! You would think the warnings of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Eisenhower and countless others as to the anti-democratic and tyrannical tendencies and grave dangers of unfettered monopolistic corporate capitalism would do the trick. You would think that, if nothing else, the recent experience with Wall Street and banks `too big to fail` demanding what is flatly extortionist payments of trillions of dollars of taxpayer-citizens` money, would make us stop and think. But no, while the crisis of legitimacy of the ruling corporate elite continues to deepen to critical levels world-wide, the majority of people yawn and turn on some sitcom or `reality tv`show, or CNN, or Fox, or some other brain-deadening escapist fantasy, and let the giants roll on in their unfettered and relentless pursuit of world domination, rapidly taking us into a very dark time of global neo-feudal corporate fascism. People, it is time to awake. I don`t think we can afford to `wait and see,` to let the picture grow even more stark – if we do, I assure you, we will regret it. Read now, dig now, speak now, organize now and act now, while a shred of democracy still remains. It is not too late, but we must act, and act decisively – now.


  2. jtoddring Says:

    One of myriad examples for us to consider….

    Billionaires make a sacrifice


  3. jtoddring Says:

    Or we can look at the question of basic economic security and stability – all questions of distribution of wealth and power, freedom, civil liberties, democracy or ecological sustainability aside…


  4. jtoddring Says:

    Or we could put it in fictionalized terms….

    Brave New World
    The Dispossessed
    The Island
    Eyes Wide Shut
    V for Vendetta
    The End of Violence


  5. jtoddring Says:

    Or in comedic, satirical terms…

    George Carlin, `they own you`
    The Yes Men

    We are going to get it, sooner or later – sooner would be better, cause later, it`s gonna be a whole lot more painful.

    `In the long run, adhering to illusion is far more dangerous than facing the truth of things.` – David Bohm


  6. jtoddring Says:

    Maybe a soundtrack for the revolution would help…

    ….for a start….

    `If I can`t dance, I don`t want to be part of your revolution.`
    – Emma Goldman

    Peaceful means, boldness, love and joy, rich with imagination: these things will transform the world. The question is, will we be actors, or spectators; movers of change, or hapless sheep – the choice is ours.


  7. jtoddring Says:

    Remember: ordinary people out-number the power elite a million to one.

    Two of the most important pieces of literature you will ever read:

    The Discourse On Voluntary Servitude – Etienne de la Boittee


    On Civil Disobedience – Henry David Thoreau


    Who holds the real power…..always it is the people. We lose only when we acquiesce to the imperial dreams of the power-hungry. Stand now!


  8. jtoddring Says:

    One last thought: those who would be emperors, Tzars, Caesars, pharaohs and god-kings – the pathologically arrogant and avaricious few – arise to power and maintain their dominance and hegemony only because the people allow their principle strategy to be effectively deployed – that is, divide and conquer. If you wish for justice, freedom, true democracy, human rights, civil liberties, constitutional rule, a peaceful world, or any world at all that will survive the ecological crisis we have created for ourselves, one thing above all is essential: the people must unite. Re-connect, build bridges, create coalitions, and bring the people together now. It is true, now more than ever: united we stand, divided we fall.


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