Trivia question for the day: hint, Bonacieux

Ok, total lightness time – nothing serious whatsoever here. Today’s trivia question: are you ready? Pencil in hand? Alright then, here `tis. Four gold stars for anyone who get this question right – and two extra if you can name the author! (Play fair – one gold star deducted if you had to look it up.)

England and France are about to enter into war; the Cardinal is busy, as is his habit, with unending schemes; the King is a fool, out on another pointless excursion; and four friends ride feverishly to the rescue of a fair maiden in distress, while a dark figure gallops off in some ominous purpose. What great, fun novel is this?

Bonus question: who was the author?

Clock’s ticking…..

The fate of the world rests on your response to this most urgent matter. What is the answer?


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