The Truth About Obama: Corporate happy face man

I’m going to break a personal rule and post a link to another article, making an exception to a policy of all original content here because the article is so exceptional, and because I have already written four articles relating to the subject. Here, for your enjoyment, or fuming disenchantment, is the scoop on that greatest of PR men, Mr. Barack Obama.

Corporate America Hearts Obama | Election 2008 | AlterNet

And a dozen more references:

Even Conservative Media Chorus Sings Obama’s Praises –

Democracy Now ! | Vote for Change? Atrocity-Linked U.S. Officials …

Dems snooze through Latin America’s wake-up call – The Real News Network

Chomsky: Do the Democrats have a different answer on Iran? – The Real News Network

Obama on Iran

Mike Gravel Exposes Clinton & Obama on Iran, Hillary Cackles

Zbigniew Brzezinski @ The Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Noam Chomsky – The Political system in the USA.

YouTube – Changes – Presidential Candidates feat. Bowie

My Buddy Obama « Writings of J. Todd Ring

McCain, Clinton, Obama – Good, Solid Republicans All « Writings of J. Todd Ring

HEY YOU! Lefties, liberals and progressives – Listen up « Writings of J. Todd Ring

The death of democracy in America: Time for a re-awakening

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