Global warming reality: images, data and cartoons

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s look at the data, the graphs, and the images.

Projected temp changes

Long term carbon variations

Carbon History and Flux Rev.png – Global Warming Art

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Scenarios.png – Global Warming Art

IPCC Scenarios for 2100.png – Global Warming Art

Greenhouse Gas by Sector.png – Global Warming Art

Major greenhouse gas trends.png – Global Warming Art

Global Surface Map January.jpg – Global Warming Art

Global warming during the 20th century.

Image:Sea Level Projections.png – Global Warming Art

Image:Louisiana Sea Level Risks.png – Global Warming Art

Image:Florida Sea Level Risks.png – Global Warming Art

Image:Bangladesh Sea Level Risks.png – Global Warming Art

Image:North Sea Sea Level Risks.png – Global Warming Art

Hurricane Katrina is believed to have triggered a substantial increase in public concern for environmental issues, and is credited as the motivation behind Vanity Fair’s Green Issue.

Graph of the annual and accumulated changes in average glacier thickness during the last 50 years.

Image:Boulder Glacier.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Grinnell Glacier.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Athabasca Glacier Runoff.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Easton Glacier Terminus.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Gangotri Glacier.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Glacial lakes Bhutan.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Northwestern Glacier.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Pedersen Glacier.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Muir Glacier.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:McCarty Glacier.jpg – Global Warming Art

Partially Bleached Coral.jpg

Image:Annual Average Temperature Map.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Global Warming Predictions Map.jpg – Global Warming Art

Image:Global Warming Predictions.png – Global Warming Art

Image:Risks and Impacts of Global Warming.png – Global Warming Art

Image:Sea-ice 1950s-2050s.gif – Global Warming Art

Image:Larsen B Collapse Size Comparison.png – Global Warming Art

Global Warming Art:About – Global Warming Art

Blue Marble.jpg

Further doubts?
David Suzuki Foundation: Climate Change Skeptics

A selection of cartoons:

BushHoax.gif (image)

A greenhouse nightmare

2006-547-global-warming-sceptics.jpg (JPEG Image, 510×392 pixels)

CARTOON-global-wm-Bush.bmp (BMP Image, 381×360 pixels)

global warming in Venice

global2a.gif (GIF Image, 510×333 pixels)

Spratti-GW-toon.jpg (JPEG Image, 500×417 pixels)

Google Image Result for

Global warming.jpg (JPEG Image, 470×352 pixels)

Flat earth – This Modern World

cartoon_200201.JPG (JPEG Image, 320×509 pixels)

Google Image Result for

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