Technical problems: feed craziness

Bear with me. I don’t know why Blogger keeps re-posting my articles on the feed every time I make an edit. I was told by the webmaster of one aggregate – Progressive Bloggers – that an article would be re-posted on the feed only if the title or date of the article was changed – I did neither, and still the feed re-posts every time I edit. Would someone who is not totally new to blogging, blog groups and feeds, who is not technologically challenged like myself, please let me know how to edit posts without having this happen? It’s damn embarrassing and frustrating, and I’m sure its quite irritating for others as well. My apologies.

One Response to “Technical problems: feed craziness”

  1. Hi J. Todd Ring

    Brzezinski has not had a change of heart. He is a pragmatic and knows very well that the US power has reached its limits and further use of military force will be counterproductive to US interests. If, however, the use of the military was productive I don’t doubt Brzezinski would be a spokesman for an attack on Iran.

    He is a cold-blooded analytical engine not a warmhearted idealist. Such a person simply doesn’t exist in the higher circles of Washington. Brzezinski is just more intelligent than the dreamers in the White House and he knows very well that the US has become a fragile superpower on borrowed time and accepts this inconvenient reality as a matter of fact.

    The world changes and Brzezinski makes his adjustments. This pragmatic reality however, is totally unacceptable for the present megalomaniac US Administration and will be the de facto casus belli for the coming attack on Iran. Megalomaniac ideas and hegemony practice are twins and cannot be separated.

    PS Enjoy reading you blog. Very insightful with a very good overview.

    As for the tech problem with the feed its probably a Blogger bug. WordPress also has its bugs. Every time I update a post, the blog makes pingbacks which I have to delete manually. So the only solution to the problem is to get Blogger to fix it, or better make a total shift to WordPress and forget Blogger. WordPress is a much better system.



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