Today in History: Pearl Harbor Attack a Great Succ…

Today in History:
Pearl Harbor Attack a Great Success for Roosevelt

At 7:55 am, December 7 1941, the event which launched the U.S. into WWII struck without warning – or so the official story goes. Recently declassified documents were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, showing the Roosevelt administration knew the attack was about to happen, having intercepted and decoded the Japanese communications, and deliberately allowed the attack to happen.

The Roosevelt government wanted to enter WWII, but the American people were overwhelmingly opposed. So Roosevelt approved a plan which was set in motion, to lure Japan into attacking the U.S., so that the U.S. populace would support the war. The deception worked, and the Pearl Harbor attack, in which Roosevelt was complicit, scared and angered the American people into supporting the new war.

Other examples of extreme government deception used to launch a war include the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident which launched the Vietnam war, the Kuwait babies maneuver and the sinking of the Maine. More chilling still are the declassified documents concerning Operation Northwoods. You have to read the declassified documents for yourself to believe such an evil plan could be contemplated. In fact, the plan was not only contemplated, but approved by the heads of the Pentagon. Read it for yourself.

As it has been aptly said, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.


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